We are a habitat of 21st century, a tech-savvy era along with so many conveniences. But with these advancements come anxiety as to what extent this technology is favorable. Just like selecting your vaporizer from a pool of options is not an easy task for the ones who have recently stepped in Vaporizers’ world. Such legal climate change which is not only displayed cool with care, competence and assurance but is also human-friendly being adopted steadily. But we actually need tips on how to choose one amongst of amazing options?Apart from being brand specific, we would first like to brief you more on vaporizer types to help you broaden your thinking on your particular product while narrowing on others. Each vaporizer suits everyone differently in respect to their budget, style of living. So, it’s better to get enlightened initially on the primary things.

Desktop Vaporizers / Table-Top Vaporizers:

The Desktop or Table-top Vaporizers are those devices which need a power source to work and is ideal for homebodies, flavor fanatics and medical patients.




If you are a person to enjoy vaping sitting back at home, this would be the best option suitable to you. As required by the plug in product, you could only enjoy the experience at home and is unreliable to work outdoors. This product generally comes with a tube-like mouthpiece with a bag to fill in the vapor making it cozy for you to vape at your own speed. These stationery vapes should not be used by beginners but are optimal for people who normally love to full bowl themselves.


These products are conveniently carried around and offer technology a good name. Obviously depending on your investment you’ll relish your vaporizer. Few devices are often too costly but tend to offer limited settings on the vaporizer. This can be viewed as essential as cannabinoids and the terpenes, each having its unique features and medical effects working at different temperatures. Even if you dislike any flavor, table top is a good try to relax. The less expensive may spoil your taste like burnt popcorn. Similarly, high quality devices would offer vapor of a natural flower aroma.


Some specific temperature control allows you to avail the flowers’ cannabinoids and terpenes for the change on effect profile which you’re aiming. This article would guide you on what cannabinoids and terpenes to determine on and what temperature your vaporizer should be set to achieve them. For example, the terpenes pinene helps with awareness and memory and vaporizes at 311°F. You can also experience different temperatures at various steps.

Portable Vaporizers / Portable Flower Vapes:

The portable vaporizers or the portable flower vapes are devices that run on battery with a cubicle for cannabis flower. It is ideal for flower lovers and who prefer to vape in surroundings.


To be frank, most people invest in portable vaporizers rather than desktop vaporizers due to the transportability feature. The device having qualities like handiness and running on battery give you freedom to wander and vape.


Having portability as the advantage the functionality is seen limited in these devices. Some flower vaporizers have a fixed temperature at which flowers can be heated, which can be too hot to get those flavored terpenes.


Even if you may not get satisfied with portable vaporizers’ temperature control, they can still capture your hearts for any unique strain. At some point of customization, these portable vaporizers offer you the particular bud taste and often referred to as reliable one.

Portable Oil Vaporizer:

This is no different than a Portable flower vaporizer only with the fact that it uses oil rather than flowers. Remaining features include battery power and is ideal for the people who wish to vape outdoors.




Usually selected for its portability and prudence, portable Oil Vaporizers are best for mobile oil fanatic. There’s no requirement of loading and unloading the product- the sealed oil cylinder takes care of it all. However, rest can be filled with cannabis oil.


Pen shaped vaporizers or the stylus shaped vaporizers are increasing their demands due to less expensive batteries including the CO2 oil to help it run smoothly and for longer durability. There were controversies regarding battery life and effusion, but they were rare seen cases. Vaporizers that need to load our own oils can be great alternative for those without access to cartridge pens, but many a times getting the right steadiness of oil can be risky.


It is noticeable to witness that CO2 cartridge pens attempt to give different effects from other types of cannabis oils. For some, the high is many a times more cerebrally-focused with less body effects while these sensations differ stress and body. Mostly cartridges are adulterated with propylene glycol. Hence, choosing oils should be considered prominently.


We have specified and briefed you on all the three types of vaporizers. You must take a note of all the points and compounds stated here. Utmost care should be taken to avoid the ill effects and take your vaping action to a next level. Hope these basics must have helped you and benefited you to enhance your vaping experience.