Vaping Batteries:

Dear vapers, to be vapers, as well as to those who are simply light-reading. Let us study about the batteries that you wish to consider to use for your Personal Vaporizer, Advanced Personal Vaporizer or the battery pack. When selecting the proper battery this is single time that buying cheap can be a bad idea. Like many things in this world, all Vape batteries are not produced equally and as a matter of fact, some differ from what they appear to be. Before going any further, let us consider few things quick. Initially, let me make it very precise that this article is just to make you all aware and make buying decision effective and mot for any king of marketing.

So, towards the batteries, not to make it a complex boring article relating the physics of the rechargeable battery; Instead this to make easier for you on deciding the battery you should purchase and operate on.

Protected VS Unprotected Batteries:

The major distinction in the Protected and Unprotected batteries is as below:

Protected Batteries: Protected batteries contain a small circuit board, normally on the bottom side of the battery that brings charging to a halt, or discharge of battery in some certain conditions. Some of the conditions in which the circuit comprises: ‘Over Charge’, ‘Over Discharge’, ‘Short Circuit’, as well as in some cases, ‘Overheating’. These batteries need special chargers that are exclusively constructed to charge lithium rechargeable ones.

Unprotected lithium batteries: They generate 4.2 volts power when entirely charged, then quickly down fall to 3.6 volts output. They produce output of 3.6 volts unless they are mostly discharged, at that point when the voltage decreases rapidly. And if they are discharged lower than 3 volts, they would be damaged and no longer working. The user should be very cautious not to let this happen. These batteries must only be charged in a charger exclusively designed for propose, as those chargers possess a circuit that finishes charging the battery when reaching 4.2 volts. With that explained, it is essential that you make use of “Protected Batteries” when likely and if you are using Unprotected ensure your charger is constructed to handle the batteries, always validate that your charger is constructed to charge the batteries you possess before you begin charging them. Charging the incorrect battery in the incorrect charger could cause a probable fire or melt wiring and spoil your property or possibly cause a battery explosion.

Concept Of ‘MAH’:
The ‘‘mAh’ capacity rating relates to the storage capacity accessible for a specific battery. A battery comprising of a capacity rating 3000 ‘mAh’ could result a current of 3000mA for an hour. High ‘mAh’ ratings for the same battery style will normally mean longer run times. This does not implement when judging different kinds of batteries. This means that you might be unable to guess the durability of your electronic appliance will run just by observing the capacity rating of battery. When powering high drain electronic appliances like APVs, PVs, MODS, Electronic Cigars an alkaline battery will only result a small fraction of its rated capacity. For instance, AA alkaline batteries normally possess a capacity rating of above 2,500 ‘mAh’ and AA NiMH batteries posses rating capacities of just 1,200 to 2,000 ‘mAh’. But when it comes for actually powering an electronic appliance like a APVs, PVs, MODS, Electronic Cigars the NiMH Batteries will mostly run the device for two or four times long. Even judging the capacity ratings of similar kinds of batteries will not often work since diverse producers can evaluate battery capacity in faintly different behavior. A NiMH or NiCd battery is possibly to result much closer to its rating capacity when it’s powering high drain appliances.

Notice: Not all of the ‘mAh’ batteries are rated same. Ensure you study more than simply the ‘mAh’ rating of a battery.

Detailings Of The Battery Name:
So, we are now aware of knowledge about batteries, so now it’s time to elaborate what the name actually means. So we know about IMR, ICR, 18650, 18350, 14500 etc. Through all the letters and numbers it can be a little puzzling. To make this easier to understand and easy to memorize.

Break it down:
I = The battery is the Lithium Ion Battery Li-Ion
M = Manganese (Mn) is positive ion for battery
C = Cobalt (Co) is positive ion for battery
N = Nickle “Ni” is positive Ion in battery
F = Iron “Fe” is positive ion in battery
R = This is the under debate Round or Rechargeable.
18 = diameter of the battery 18mm, making first two digits the diameter in ‘mm’
650 = height in the tenths of millimeters 65mm
850 = height in the tenths of millimeters 85mm


So, towards the vaporizers batteries, you will need to be very particular about the batteries you will be using. Depending on your choice please ensure your safety and enjoy the vaping to your fullest. Keeping in mind the ‘mAh’ concept and considering the detailing of battery names, you are good to vape!