Hey there, if you have made up your mind to enjoy vaping, how about a Desktop Vaporizer that connects to your electrical outlet. Wouldn’t that be a perfect choice? Many of the vaporizer habitats prefer these Desktop Vaporizers since they are efficient to produce thicker vapes. But, in the other case, if you wish to vape outside your place, the portable vaporizer would be a preferable one. It is not only lighter in weight than the Desktop Vaporizer but also cozy to be used irrespective of the place. Besides, these do not need any electrical plugin.Both types of vaporizers can be personally categorized as:

Desktop Vaporizers:

Whip vaporizers takes help of a small device including a glass wand, silicone or vinyl tube and a delegate to release the vapor out of the vaporizer.
Balloon or bag vaporizer transfers the vapor to a bag type balloon that widens gradually. Then can you sit back and enjoy the vape from the balloon. For group vaping, this technique is mostly used.
Dual vaporizer is combination of whip and balloon. The device is compatible with both techniques.

Portable Vaporizers:

Battery-powered vaporizers are one of the most competent models. Most of the models require rechargeable batteries and hence necessarily should be plugged in. Other models provide disposable batteries service.
Flame vaporizers are heated with a regular lighter. Usually simple to use and cheaper at cost, it produces thin vapors and is less efficient than others.
Butane vaporizers are heated with the help of butane, the fluid found in lighters. But to enjoy, one needs to refill the butane regularly.
Direct Draw is most regularly found portable vaporizer. These vaporizers offer mouthpiece which are found fixed directly to the unit and granting the vapor to flow direct from the heating constituent to the user. Some direct draw vaporizers offer a detachable stem, while others have the mouthpiece eternally attached (like pen vaporizers).


There are selective vaporizers, power-driven by butane which is burned and then heats up the constituent. The special feature about butane is that is distributes an instant recharge, unlike batteries where you have to wait for discharge.

Plug In

Plug in vaporizers are self-explanatory running both on electricity and plug in. Mostly plug in units are also desktop vapes so they’re not too handy and can’t be used on the go. That being said, not to worry about the battery recharging being additional benefit.


These are most commonly used vaporizers. Some have the benefit of replaceable batteries to hang on with more batteries.


Some of the vaporizers exert like pipes and can be heated with flame. The vaporizer is constructed to vaporize the herb instead of igniting it when you light the unit. They are generally cheaper but can work quite well in a touch.

One of the amazing things about vaporizers is, they don’t burn anything, hence producing a normal potent smell, making it stealthy. There are nearly 6 aspects on which we can judge differences on the type of vaporizers:

    • Just for Chill:

One of the most obvious differences is the size. When you just want to sit back and relax, the desktop is most suitable and when chilling out with buddies, the portable is preferable.

    • Smoke Size:

Some vaporizers will provide you huge thrive of smoke ultimately giving you a feeling of chocking and many a times toxic. Small vaporizers don’t create much smoke but they would be much easier to store tastefully.

    • Universal or Modified:

Specially designed for handiness, most of the times these vaporizers don’t grant temperature settings, supplementary and other related features which would enhance vaping experience. To be more selective with your vaporizer, try out a desktop vaporizer for flexibility.

    • Distribution or Solo:

Small vaporizers are convenient for individual session. But for larger assemblies, consider a unit to be safe pass around.

    • Extreme or Light High:

It is obviously gentle to share your vape kit with your friends but, how would you benefit good vapes? Hence some of the brands come with greater efficiencies so you don’t have to tolerate and dissatisfy yourself.

    • Reasonable or Costly:

A lot has changed over science and technology and better efficient prices of such commodities. So, the less expensive would be the portable one, as obvious desktop relieves better experience and more expensive.


Hence, make sure you vape as advised and choose your type of vaporizer. A vast variety of vaporizers are available for your safety concern. We appreciate your patience for reading this article and hope that you initiatively transform this world from smoking to vaporizers world. So, quick make your minds and start vaping!