Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit is an extremely portable vaporizer, is priced extremely well and features a low heat technology, specially primed for use with oils and waxes. The unit looks beautifully sleek and has a great textured finish. The unit looks like being much more expensive than it actually is. It is a great starter kit for beginners as well as for advanced users. It is easy to use and has no start-up time .The atomizer is manually controlled and requires a little bit of getting used to .Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen is customized for use with oils and wax style concentrates , heating those to perfect temperatures to extract their full flavours and desired effects. Owing to the proprietary titanium technology, the smokes are full bodied, tasty and smooth, far superior to the cheaper nichrome atomizers. This innovative product also features an inbuilt microprocessor that ensures that the coil is always optimally heated and doesn’t get too hot so as to start burning the concentrates… The Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen comes equipped with a powerful battery, capable of delivering 250-300 powerful hits on a single charge, with a charge time of only two hours.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit Contents:

1 Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen,1 Extra Ghost Atomizer,1 Shatterproof Storage Ball,1 USB Charger

Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit Pros:

  • Extremely Portable
  • Very Well Priced
  • Great Overall Quality
  • Solid feel with comfortable grip
  • Interesting accessories available
  • Amazing Battery Life

Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit Cons:

    • Plastic Mouthpiece

How Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit Works:

Using this vaporizer is rather easy and straightforward. You need to pour a few drops of oil or dab some wax on the heating coil. Press the start button and inhale through the mouthpiece. There are no separate heat settings or wait up time. The device can be shut off by pressing the start button five times, just the same way as you need when to put it on. The vapour thus produced is tasty and with a clean taste. The battery life of this product is very good and each charge can last up to 400 puffs which is great. When out of use, the battery holds the charge quite well too. Although there are no temperature controls on the vaporizer, the heat is optimized and provides great results while vaping owing to its low heat technology.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit – Looks and Build Quality:

The Ghost Vaporizer looks extremely sleek and discreet. The build quality is excellent with all buttons well rounded and fitting perfectly. The outer surfaces are machined well and seem more premium than the price paid. The supplied dab tool and the silicone storage ball are of extremely premium quality and look very stylish. The blue and black colour scheme and the sleek size of the pen, which is no more than an average fountain pen, make the device extremely discreet and easy to carry and use.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit – Final Verdict:

The Ghost is among the best vape pens available in the market. The vapour quality is great and the build quality also very good. The pen is extremely easy to use and operate and quite what is instagram spy discreet, it is a great vaporizer for the ones who have recently started vaping and offers great value for money.